My Enemy (6 x 40 mins TV drama)

Using his German paratrooper lover, a genius civil servant liberates London from Nazi occupation, by uncovering plans for British death camps. My Enemy is a speculative historical thriller. Is a German occupier ‘enemy’, when he enables life saving treatment for your mum? Are English resistance ‘heroes’ when they commit atrocities?

Total Pain (feature length biopic drama)

Shortlisted for BFI Early Development Fund. Examining the extraordinary life of a pioneering British woman, through her unconventional relationships.

The Longest Road (feature length thriller)

Amidst the Troubles in 1987 Belfast, secretly gay Captain Danny Spooner struggles between chasing the life he wants or being the man he is, in rescuing his gay informer from the IRA’s notorious Internal Security Unit.

The Crew Room (TV sitcom)

When Jean Paul Sartre said Hell is other people, he was thinking of the crew room at Sports First Regional Distribution Centre.

Minimum wage doesn’t mean minimum lives and zero hours contracts don’t equate to zero characters. Our four heroes have come from the four corners of the UK, only to find they’re going nowhere, except on to the next pitiful pay cheque, but their lack of power doesn’t come from a lack of spirit. Whether they’re battling each other to come out top, or uniting to hide the latest cock-up from management, the eponymous crew never cease their ability to grasp the wrong end of the stick, but still they drive on in the hope that one day, life will get better.

Whether it’s becoming a gay dad, finding love after forty, overcoming infertility, or doing the best for your disabled son, the crew prove time and time again that the working poor, who are anything but just about managing, may have to live with the reality of straining their heads against a perspex ceiling, but their resilience shines through like a pound in a turd.

  • Sample script and treatment available.
  • Outlines for six series (six episodes per series) completed.

The Truth in Lying (feature length dark comedy)

Alpha-male hedge fund trader Angus works and plays hard, whilst shamefully concealing his dysfunctional working class roots.  When scheming Canadian intern Lewis falsely alleges homophobia against Angus, everyone believes it. Told to ‘make it go away’ by his boss, before the claim damages the firm’s reputation, the trader initially looks for a contract killer, but his sister comes up with a far more dangerous plan – Angus must go gay himself, and she knows just the man to help. First twenty minutes spec-script and outline available.

Real Army (Two act play)

On the eve of a key mission to Bosnia, even as the shells rain down on Sarajevo, charismatic Commanding Officer Danny Spooner boasts of an ideal marriage to Sandy until Military Policeman Steven Donnelly’s zealous investigation of her past love life threatens to blow apart both a marriage and a Regiment. But Donnelly’s ruthless determination to enforce regulations on sexuality puts him on a collision course with both Spooner and a Ministry department more concerned with political expediency and the Army’s reputation than the secrets of a very military marriage. Contains scenes of an adult nature.

  • Contact Docklands Productions to discuss staging this unique story.
  • First draft completed (two acts, 85 pages, minimum cast 3 male and 2 female).
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